Are You Game Enough For This “Survivor-Style” Adventure Travel Program?

Navigate your way out of unknown, uncharted destinations in a journey of self discovery.

Photo: Black Tomato

So, you’ve scaled mountains, gone skydiving, and perhaps even explored the wilderness of ancient ruins?

If adventure runs in your blood and you’re looking for something more than a fun thrill, Black Tomato has something right up your alley.

The bespoke luxury travel agency has launched a new Get Lost itinerary, that like its name suggests, aims to take guests to unknown, uncharted destinations where they’ll have to explore their way through them.

Consider this an extreme survivor-style travel package centered around navigating one’s way out of remote corners of the earth.

Photo: Black Tomato

While challenging, this program represents a journey of self-discovery and earned experience, where mental and physical fortitude will be put to test. According to Black Tomato, help remains just out of sight (when and if needed) but travelers must find their way forward and out.

For brave participants, the only input they have is their choice of environment–polar, jungle or desert, with the exact destination remaining a secret until they arrive. Those daring enough can leave all factors to the organizers.

The journey begins by filling out a form and being matched to a travel expert to determine just how “lost” they’d like to be, as well as what goals they’ll like to fulfill. After which, they’ll be transported to their destination by private transfer and outfitted with equipment needed.

Photo: Black Tomato

According to Black Tomato, surprises are to be expected.

Co-founder Tom Marchant explains: “Some of the trips, at the end of each day, there might be a camp with an additional kit, but as it’s bespoke, they may have some luxury touches.

“For example, if someone is in the jungle, they’ll finish one day in a beautifully assembled tent, and wake up to four kayaks on the river. You’re going down the river with others but you have no idea where to. Every day can have a reveal like this.”

Travelers can sign up in groups, or as solo participants.

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